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  1. Download CLI and login to nim with the auth token.
    nim auth login
  2. Deploy one of the Demo Projects from GitHub
  3. Clone a starter project from GitHub or Create your own project Learn how to get started

Nimbella CLI

The Nimbella CLI is called nim. It helps you organize and deploy your applications to the Nimbella cloud, to a secure domain that is unique to your projects. Select your platform below to download and install the CLI, then enter the following command to login and get stated.

Create Team Member Keys

As the team lead, you should create an access token for each of your team members so that you are all working with the same account. After installing the CLI, execute the `nim` command shown below and provide the token to your teammates:

nim auth export

Each of your teammates needs to login with the access token you generated for them. They can do this by running the command shown below, substituting the token you generated for the placeholder shown:

nim auth [access-token]

Deploy Starter Projects from GitHub


Git clone other demo projects -

git clone

Nimbella Workbench

Nimbella Workbench Nimbella Workbench offers a rich terminal-like experience in the browser. Workbench can be used instead of CLI to develop some light weight applications from your browser, deploy some applications directly from GitHub, look at your Nimbella cloud assets, and activity.

Nimbella Workbench